Jay Clarkson was among the original roster of artists of 1980s New Zealand indie pop label Flying Nun. Contag has collaborated with Clarkson both on stage and in the studio, the culmination of which was 2008’s album Over The Mountain. Here, Contag provides the production as well as the accompaniment to Clarkson’s evocative songwriting.

"Rich, deep songs with intricately defined melodies... an elegant album, a thing of delicate beauty." (Nick Bollinger)

Cloudboy, a vehicle for the intimate and atmospheric songscapes of Demarnia Lloyd, evolved from a 1990s experimental pop group based in Dunedin/New Zealand to an electro-acoustic improvisational group accompanying silent film programmes across Europe in the early 2000s (courtesy of Nga Taonga). As well as being an on-stage performer who frequently blurred the lines between playing and processing, Contag also mixed and produced the group’s 2002 album Down At The End Of The Garden.

More recently, one of the singles from the album - Red Rubicon - was featured in the 2014 Sundance comedy What We Do In The Shadows.

"Georgeous - wonderful arrangements, breath-taking melodies." (Roi Colbert)

The Golden Awesome is largely inspired by the late-1980s pop subgenre known as shoegaze. As well as playing and writing the group’s guitar parts, Contag has mixed and produced the group’s 2011 debut album Autumn.

"An aching beauty and a gracefully mysterious undertone, combined with a welcome sense of urgency and drama throughout." (Tim Sendra, All Music Guide)

Other collaborations:

Bad Statistics I, Caramba (2009)

Bad Statistics – Lucky Town Gone (2008)

Bad Statistics – Static (2007)

The Raskolnikovs – At the Hour of Sunset (2016)

The Raskolnikovs – The Raskolnikovs (2006)

Mink – For My Mink (1996)

Mink – Mink (1994)

Sola Monday – The Swing Festival (2002)

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